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Liter is the most common unit of volume measurement By using our volume unit calculator you can convert volume measurements listed below:

Volume Units

  • Cubic Centimeter Symbol is cm3, cc
  • Centiliter
  • Deciliter
  • Cubic Decameter (Cubic Dekameter) Symbol is dam3
  • Cubic Decimeter Symbol is dm3
  • Cubic Foot Symbol is ft3
  • Cubic Inch Symbol is in3
  • Cubic Meter Symbol is m3
  • Cubic Millimeter Symbol is mm3
  • Cubic Yard Symbol is yd3
  • Dekaliter Symbol is dal, daL
  • Ounce (liquid) Symbol is fl oz
  • Gallon (UK, USA) Symbol is gal
  • Gill
  • Gram Symbol is g, gr
  • Hectoliter Symbol is hl, hL
  • Liter Symbol is l, L
  • Microliter Symbol is µl, µL
  • Milliliter Symbol is ml, mL
  • Minim
  • Nanogram
  • Peck
  • Pint (liquid)
  • Quart (Liquid) Symbol is qt
  • Femtoliter
  • Cubic Kilometer Symbol is km3
  • Exaliter Symbol is el, eL
  • Petaliter Symbol is pl, pL
  • Teraliter
  • Gigaliter Symbol is Gl, GL
  • Megaliter Symbol is Ml, ML
  • Kiloliter Symbol is Kl, KL
  • Nanoliter
  • Pikoliter
  • Attoliter
  • Dekaster
  • Ster
  • Decister
  • Hogshead
  • Volume Of Earth

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